Taking Ownership




Choosing to taking ownership in the trials and triumphs that happen throughout your life leads to peace, love and happiness.

The Start of a New Journey

Two years ago I remember sitting in my apartment at college with the urge to start a blog. I could never quite follow through with it. I always had an excuse, I wouldn’t have enough time. I wasn’t willing to spend the money. Excuse after excuse would always prevent me from writing. Until today, I decided it was time to take ownership and stop making excuses or blaming external factors. A quote that was told to me by a very wise woman states, “there will always be a million reasons why you shouldn’t do something, but you only need one reason to do it. That reason is simply because you want to.” This quote holds true in every aspect of life, but it really resonated with me starting this blog. If you choose to follow my blog, you will be brought through many different life experiences. Experiences that will make you want to jump for joy, but also experiences that will make you want to lock yourself in a room and not talk to anybody. What I am most excited to share with you guys, is the perspective gained and the life lessons learned through all of the trials and triumphs. Welcome to my blog, I hope you are ready for rollercoaster!!

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